A thousand miles from nowhere in freezing seas,

Do you want your TACAN to go down? Ask us how to audit and secure SIGINT, Satellite, and JTIDS streams.

Trusted world-wide by our industry partners. Always early. Always on target.

Success is not a funded program. It's instinct.


We don't want any more spectacular successes for crazy people. The need is to position ourselves so that our instinct - as the good guys -  dominates any scenario faster and more completely than the instinct of any terrorist or foreign military threat.


Intelligence is largely intuition and pattern recognition, whether AI or human.  We guarantee we can improve on any teaching or collection approach. We have a 100% accuracy record in analysis and prediction - including involvement of Virginia Saudi Military Attache agents in the Khashoggi murder - for global risk, CI, and cyber since 2001.


Know and control your people and environment: OPSEC and CYBER. The US is traditionally stronger at attack than defense, because that is our operating model. We help clients innovate to meet current world threat: Chinese cyber and espionage, remote hypersonic and WMD tactical, satellite and GPS sabotage.


Don't hang with the sheep. Be the one out front asking the question no one wants to hear. You may not 'win' political or popularity battles, but you will save lives: -Why did the deputies leave live C4 on the school bus? -What does a "35% margin of error" mean in that AEGIS or MEADS report? -Why didn't you tell the Oval Office they had alternative choices..?

Tactical Insight for US Intelligence

For almost two decades, DC Strategic Group has delivered disruptive technology in AI, robotics, and data analytics design to support the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Geo-Spatial Agency, other civilian and US miltiary intelligence agencies.


Which of our Service Arenas can we interest you in?


Cyber Security: CHINA

We provide commentary to Bloomberg and Financial Times, and support FBI, USDOJ, and the US DOD in full scope cyber defense. Our niche focus is Chinese cyber crime.


National Defense and Intelligence

DSG holds patent (pending) for America's newest form of missile defense: Pre-Launch. We also provide Defense policy analysis, intelligence, and IT. Our WMD advisory includes DOD and DOE.


Strategy and Operations

There's a reason we were selected to review executive MOU for the world's largest IPO last year (Saudi Aramco): excellence and integrity. Other Fortune 100 clients include BCG, Visa, John Deere and Mars Inc.


Senior Policy, Senior Leadership

We support US national interests across a range of special functions: Secret Service and situational intelligence (MaraLego, 2017); CBP and air safety; and analysis for emerging threat.

Intuitive Disruption

Being the Change we want to see in our World

The child above is wearing a special headset to screen out loud noises so that autistic children are not overwhelmed. We were one of the earliest entities to lobby for brain research - via the CDC, Cambridge, and the UCLA Brain Institutes - for linkage of autism symptoms to unbearably loud environment noise. Where there's a will, there is usually a way.




We hope they hurry

Senators Warner and Kaine have introduced emergency legislation to prohibit / stop any EVICTIONS, REPOSSESSIONS, CREDIT CARD OR OTHER BANK PENALTIES OR PAYMENTS DUE FOR ANY US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR OR AGENCY FTE, DURING AND FOR 30 DAYS AFTER THE STOP OF THIS 2019 FEDERAL SHUT DOWN. Senator Warner specifically itemized 'Government contractors" as 'more vulnerable' than FTE government agency employees, and as also included in this emergency relief legislation.
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