Next-Generation Space and Missile Defense Technologies

Systems Engineering  
DC Strategic Group supports US Defense missions and teams with research, design, and development for hardware and software solutions in next-generation space, cyber, and missile defense technologies. In addition to assisting with prototype and design, we support component testing, integration of prototypes into systems and subsystems, and complex multi-national implementations. This methodology supports the US Army’s innovative “concept to combat” design approach, which expedites roll-out of critical future technologies.


The current return to global proliferation is dangerous. Our adversaries, China and rogue nations, are determined to dominate in hypersonic and nuclear attack arenas.


We provide specialized support in the research, development, integration, testing, demonstration, and small-scale production of prototypes and systems for military intelligence, air defense, UAV and missile guidance, satellite, and ISR. We are committed to helping the US Warfighter develop the technology edge needed win on any battlefield and accomplish any mission.

Our two current priority initiatives: Pre-Launch Missile Defense and Chinese Cyber Defense/Counter-Intelligence


Advanced Guidance and Tactical Systems

Keeping up with hypersonic and missile development advances from our adversaries is an increasing challenge for the West. Our adversaries spend more on attack than on defense. Because the US and OTAN respect international treaty, we have not built along the same directions as China, Iran, North Korea. and Russia.

Our portfolio includes design review and trouble-shooting for targeting and tactical systems supporting Northrop Grumman's Global Hawk, General Atomics' Predator, and other UAV/drone innovation. Our innovation and defense policy analysis for several years has involved articulation and briefings to senior leadership levels of the risks of relying on one, single satellite-based global navigational system (GPS); and recent briefings to the US Cabinet level and global councils on the dangers of unlimited satellite access and GPS access for US adversaries; rogue nations with heavy terrorist leanings like Iran, India, and North Korea, and enemies.



Holding Tyrants Accountable

No one likes to be held hostage by the whims or demands of tyrants or brutes, and America is no exception. North Korean response to US overtures for nuclear de-proliferation are much like the behavioral patterns of abusive domestic spouses: aggression and brutality - then tearful apology - then reconciliation - then the entire thing all over again.

We have supported US efforts to rein in North Korea and other rogue states since our founder's discover of its very first nuclear test facility, hidden in an alleged middle school inside Pyong Yang. And we continue to be a source of intelligence, innovation, and insight for US and Nato leadership into developing capabilities of North Korea, as well as its supply chain from China and Chinese infrastructure inside the US.

Our work includes not only a brilliant PRE-LAUNCH Missile Defense framework, the first viable approach of its kind nationwide; but also ongoing insight into exactly how North Korea, China, and other foreign adversaries continue to exploit and infiltrate critical US cyber, network, satellite and military communications systems.

Always Early. Always on Target.

Disruptive Technology and Acquisition Portfolio