Intelligence Collection and Intelligence Strategic Response

Intelligence takes many forms. The US Army defines "intelligence,' for purposes of criminal prosecution, simply as 'useful information." The Army uses such a broad definition because it allows more flexibility for cyber and other operational knowledge protection. We like this definition because it highlights what most seasoned intelligence agents understand intuitively, that ANY information or reasonable curiosity holds the potential for useful intelligence.

When we heard of the London Bridge attacks, last year, we put into place an inquiry strategy that was developed for a totally different event. And we would not have confirmation until almost 6 months later, that we were in fact correct. When we got our first "ping back,' here in Washington DC, from potentially involved parties. This is the 'homework' and knowledge element of intelligence that is urgently needed but difficult to reproduce, because there are no police 'passbooks" (rule books) and the timing may be controlled by violent adversaries.

We provide training, analysis, and other intelligence services for US Federal Government and NATO agencies, and govcon supporting them, worldwide.

Our Global Intelligence Communities

We have testified to the US Congressional level, and supported to the US Cabinet Secretary level, on US Intelligence and Defense issues since 2001. We work closely with informed stakeholders within the US Federal IC (Intelligence Community) across an array of intelligence arenas and functional stovepipes.


We support US ISR and Command response through aggressive innovation of internal guidance, targeting and firing components utilized in drone/uav, missile, and undersea warfare. By adopting a component-based approach, it is easier to design and test response and attack within smaller, more affordable cloud - virtual - or other lab-like environments.



OSINT, Social Media, and Cyber Forensics
Engineering Design & Analysis (EDA)  
Big AI and Advanced Analytics
Prototype Development & Test
Product Development: ININT, GEOINT, Analytics
Digital and Satellite Imagery Analysis